Crew Leader: Landscape Construction and Installation


Job Description and Responsibilities

· Meet with designer at start of project to review landscape plan and formulate construction and implementation plan

· Install landscapes and gardens following a scaled design.

· Construct wooden and stone retaining walls, raised beds, decks, pergolas, sheds, and other outdoor structures.

· Manage natural swimming pool construction under the guidance of company owner and designer.

· Supervise and work along-side a 2 to 4 member crew. We’re looking for natural leaders who can inspire and build crew cohesion and balance an upbeat work environment with a demanding workload in sometimes challenging working conditions.


You will be working independently, but also have access to guidance from the company owner and designer as needed, so expertise in all fields is not an absolute requirement. We have a varied project agenda, and this should be considered an opportunity to expand your landscape skills and work-scope. If there are specialties that you are particularly passionate about and/or skilled in, we will make efforts to accommodate more of those projects in our schedule, and afford you opportunities to develop your interests whenever possible.



· Several years experience directing a crew

· Knowledge of landscape construction techniques including plant installation, plan reading, patio and retaining wall construction, drainage, outdoor carpentry (decks, pergolas, sheds).

· A degree in horticulture, landscape construction, design, or similar is highly desirable.

· Clean driver’s license, reliable vehicle and smart phone a must.

· Must be comfortable driving truck with equipment/tool trailer.

· Experience with excavation machinery, and experience with plumbing a plus.



· $30 to $40/hr to start, DOE

· regular pay raises with good job review

· $1k end-of-year bonus

· 1 week paid-time-off

· Workman’s comp and unemployment



Crew Members – Ecological Landscaping and Landscape Construction



Continue your on-the-job training and develop a specialty. Learn ecological gardening principles including choice and use of mostly-native plants in specific habitats including wild meadows, shade gardens, dry alpine gardens, bog gardens, and ponds. Learn about edible landscapes. Learn landscape construction techniques including building stone walls, patios, and stairs, building decks and retaining walls, and installing proper drainage, plumbing, and electrical conduit. Work with our pond and natural swimming pool crew to learn to construct and maintain a groundwater pond or natural swimming pool. Learn garden maintenance including weed identification, proper planting technique, and design principles. Choose a specialty for additional training. We support our workers in pursuing specific interests and offer some opportunity for them, as they progress, to tailor a position to their specific interests and talents, whether it is designing and interacting with clients, building ponds, installing gardens, driving an excavator, managing logistics, or becoming a partner.


Receive training in the skills needed to run their own installation and construction crew. Applicants that successfully complete 1-3 years of on-the-job training will be encouraged to apply for a crew leader position.



· An interest in a career in ecological landscaping and landscape construction.

· A good work ethic and ability to perform demanding physical labor.

· Some background in landscaping, horticulture, carpentry, or construction.

· Reliable vehicle and smart phone.

· Successful completion of Apprenticeship position or equivalent experience working in the landscape construction field.



· For non-students the season begins April 1 and goes through Thanksgiving. Part time work available off-season.

· For current students the season begins with the end of school and ends with the beginning of school. Opportunity for part time work during school.



· $20-23/hr DOE with regular pay raises with good job review

·  $500 end-of-season bonus or scholarship.

· 1 week paid-time-off



Independent Landscape Maintenance Technician



· Work independently on your own schedule to maintain clients gardens

· This is a part time position and will fluctuate in hours as jobs become available and you show ability and reliability

· You provide your own hand tools and vehicle



· Experience with garden maintenance

· Extreme attention to detail

· Weeding, Edging, Planting, Mulching, Dead-heading, Trimming, Raking

· You must have a reliable vehicle and your own hand tools – rakes, shovel, edger, pruners, etc

· Reliability is essential, but you will have great flexibility in scheduling to suit your needs



· $30/hr as independent contractor



Landscape Designer


Typical Responsibilities

· schedule consultations with clients – FCDB will supply you with the client contact information

· meet with clients, notate their projects of interest and establish a rapport

· follow up with a typed list of discrete projects listed in order of priority

· establish top-priority projects with clients and provide an estimate for the top-priority project or several projects if they are smaller. review the project and estimate with mike prior to presenting to client.

· if necessary, provide a scaled design to the client and other visual aids to assist in visualizing, estimating, and selling project.

· once a project is sold, collect deposit and schedule the job with the crew

· meet with the crew leader at the jobsite at the beginning of (or prior to starting) the job, review the job with the crew leader

· be available by phone to answer any questions from the crew leader that may arise or address any concerns from the client

· make visits to the jobsite to review progress if, and as needed

· do a final inspection of the installation with the crew leader

· meet with the client to review the project and collect the balance if possible

· collect a list of hours and expenses from the crew leader, compare with estimate, and calculate the job profit (or loss). discuss with crew leader and make a note of any factors which affected the estimated price, either positively or negatively. file with mike.



· status: the landscape designer works as an independent contractor with FCDB.

·compensation: consultation fees, design fees, and commission to be discussed



· the consultation fee and design fee can be paid directly from the client to you

· the project deposit and invoice will be billed by FCDB to the client

· the commission fee will be paid to you by FCDB




Equipment Manager & Operator / Logistics Coordinator



· Maintain truck and tools, check inventory, and maintain order in the tool barn and yard

· Work with designer and crew leaders to organize supply orders and deliveries

· Pickup and deliver materials and supplies to crew

· Load/Unload and transport mini-excavator and bobcat to job site

· Operate excavator and bobcat as needed

· Assist with landscape construction and labor as needed and requested.



· expert operator of small and large excavator and bobcat

· experience with landscape excavation including pond digging, grading, septic installation, and drainage

· experienced driving truck and trailer with mini excavator in tow

· basic familiarity with tool, vehicle, and machinery repair and maintenance, but you are not expected to be a mechanic

· very organized and tidy with an eye for detail

· very dependable

· clean driver's license, working smart phone, and reliable vehicle a must







Landscape Estimator



· work with designer, office manager, and owner to develop estimates for all types of landscape construction and garden installation projects



· familiarity with landscape construction and installation techniques in detail

· experience in estimating landscape construction and installation projects