Green Roofs

We are excited that one of our former employees has formed his own business specializing in green roof installation. We are currently collaborating closely, and happy to offer his expertise in creating a green roof customized to your needs. Please reach out to schedule a consultation and learn what we may be able to do for your home!

Stormwater runoff has become an increasingy important problem, in terms of both volume and pollution, causing ecological damage to local streams, rivers, and lakes. Green roofs slow down and absorb runoff, while at the same time providing a low-maintenance layer of insulation which can help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are also the added benefits of absorbing CO2 and other pollutants, providing additional natural habitat, improving the asthetic appeal of a building, and reducing radiant heat (a major problem in urban environments).

A green roof is a living structure - a layer of soil and plants held in place by a rigid frame and permeable fabric, which completely replaces the traditional asphalt roof. Typical green roofs have 3-5" of soil and shallow rooted plant species. Deeper soil and larger plants (even trees) have been successfully used, however, and an entire garden of tall plants, small trees and shrubs can be created as a recreation space, especially in a more industrial setting. The main issue at hand is assuring that your house or building and roof can support the extra weight of a green roof. Most homess can handle a shallow layer of plants just fine, but an engineering assessment is the first step in assuring a successful outcome. Once the soil is in and the plants become established, there is virtually no maintenance required, and a green roof should last many years longer than it asphalt counterpart. Typical plant selection includes low growing alpines such as sedums and short grasses, but there is a wide selection of plants available.

Read more about how the Golden Arrow resort in Lake Placid has used a green roof of native plants to reduce their costs and improve their image.

If you are interested, but not quite sold on greenroofing your house, consider adding a simple green roof to your shed . . .

. . . or your doghouse . . .

. . . or your gazebo . . .

While we will use a prefabricated system to greenroof your house or business to insure the highest consistency and quality, we can usually use more affordable materials at hand when designing and building greenroofs for these less critical structures.

Green Walls

Green walls are an especially attractive solution to providing green space in urban areas where otherwise there wouldn't be opportunity to have living plants. Green walls are also a good option to adding some pizaz or a little something different to your courtyard, house, or business. A rigid frame attaches to the wall and supports a thin layer of soil, held in place by permeable fabric, and a variety of plants.

Indoor green walls are a possibility as well, and minimal water use is accomplished by incorporating drip irrigation into the design. Like a green roof, a green wall will also create an added layer of insulation and protect siding against UV rays.

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