Expert Pruning of Shrubs and Small Trees

The difference between an incorrectly pruned shrub or tree and a correctly pruned specimen is the difference between night and day. Unfortunately, most people, including many landscape employees are not trained in correct pruning technique. Most people will prune a shrub from the outside only. In the case of a formal trimmed hedge, this is correct technique. However, to reveal the beauty of a shrub or tree in its natural form, it is necessary to start on the inside and work you way out, selectively eliminating old, dead, and undesirable branches. The end result is not only a much healthier and revitalized tree or shrub, but one that looks very natural. It should be hard to tell for the casual observer whether a shrub has been recently pruned or not.

On the left is a forsythia repeatedly pruned with electric shears. This will lead to a thick matted shrub, prone to disease.

Here is a virburum pruned to natural form. In most cases, we will prune with hand shears from the inside out. This is a more time-consuming process, but we believe that certain things are just best done in the correct way . . .

Besides being trained in proper western pruning technique, we are also heavily influenced by Japanese technique, which emphasizes bringing out the true "spirit" of the plant through selective pruning.

RIGHT TIMING: it is possible to prune at any time of the year, however there are certain times of the year which promote the best health and maximize the flowering capacity of the shrubs. We will let you know what is the right time of year to prune and what is the best schedule for pruning your trees and shrubs.

If you are interested in taking you garden and yard to the next level, consider our expert pruning services.

Distressed / Diseased Tree Evaluation

Trees get sick too. And people develop attachments to beautiful specimens for aesthetic, sentimental, and many other reasons. We fully understand the desire to preserve older specimens that may be showing signs of distress as well as to maintain the health of all our trees to the fullest extent possible. We can evaluate your tree(s), conduct or order specialized tests as necessary to identify specific pathogens, and develop a plan to restore or maintain your tree's health. We will emphasize organic and natural methods, but will inform you of the full host of treatment options available. Implementation of the more technical aspects of the treatment plan (large limb removal, bracing, fungicide applications) will carried out by a certified arborist.

Tree Trimming / Removal

We normally handle the removal of small trees up to 8" caliper and trimming up to 15'. For jobs involving larger trees, higher branches, obstructions, or work near electric wires or buildings, we will work with a certified arborist.

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